Permeable Touch

Permeable Touch is a participatory performance that brings together professional and non professional artists. It is a sensorial kinesthetic journey, arising from the exploration of the continuous dialogue between our inner and outer landscape. After the performance, Tanzgraz member Margret Hausegger will interview the choreographers Emese Orti and Jadi Carboni to share their research and artistic point of view, in relation to the development of dance in public space.

Wann: 3. Mai 2022 um 15:00-17:45

Wo: Kleine Platz zwischen Mariahilferstr, Lendplatz, vor Paul&Bohnen

Telefon: 06766510672


The question behind the project is:
How can we share new ways to think about and develop dance to people?
Touch is a gesture of offering, receiving, communicating.
Touch is a tool for acknowledgement, recognition.
Touch is a playful tool to meet and connect with respect and awareness.
A group of performers invites audience members and passersby to take part in a performative game, where everyday rhythms will slows down to make space for other acknowledgement. The body is permeable, the inner and the outer environment are constantly in dialogue and exchange.
And more….
What is the connection created through collective energy?
The performative game will explore the space between the individual experience and the one lived within a social organism.

Wer sind wir:

Dance: Jadi Carboni Nimrod Poles, Irmgard Baumgarten, Verena Ravel, Katharina Oberhausen, Robert Abt, Orsola Leone, Julia Eibel, Daniela Lc. and others, und Publikum. Interview – arists: Emese Ort, Jadi Carboni – Interview: Margret Hausegger und Publikum

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